Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Poem by Gabbert and Rooney: Vision Looks Outward


“Making is thinking”—can it be true?

Function perfectly married to form? (It had to be shiny, it had to be this gleaming blue.)

Many wrong attempts. Men in black suits. Black soot.

Volunteers are encouraged for the hands-on demo, but must wear safety gloves.

The hand is the window to the mind, Kant said. Or so somebody said.

Edison slept only minutes per day. I don’t mind giving up my literal dreams.

The best inventors are bright, but uneducated & disorganized.

Tesla dreamt of flying machines.

We see our inventions against the sky-colored backdrop of our inner eye.

How else to satisfy our sense of proportion?

We have yet to master the direct perpendicular climb. The body breaks down before the technology.

There are reports of restlessness among the investors.

That’s where we are, riding just to the point of maximal change.

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