Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Literary Confessions, Part One

Dark secrets no more, these ... (literary category)

I've never read (and feel ashamed about it)
* Anna Karenina OR War and Peace
* Madame Bovary
* More than 10 pages of Saul Bellow
* lots more to come

I can't stand (and feel ashamed for it)
* Ulysses
* A Catcher in the Rye
* Lolita
* John Steinbeck
* Infinite Jest (though I keep trying)

I really like (and feel ashamed for it)
* Larry McMurtry, that popular yarn-spinner
* quoting Shakespeare, even at work
* almost all of Milan Kundera, that sexist pig


  1. Why aren't you saying why?

    Migratory intellectual worker down on his luck at the very fork in the road with card board sign "Will comment more if you feed me, thanks"

  2. That's true. Most people try to hide what they haven't read. My dirty secret is the reason WHY I haven't read those books - I don't know how...

  3. I should note that some of my favorite authors, like Virginia Woolf and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, are not represented here because I'm not ashamed of them, and don't quote them to appear fancy at work.

    Maybe I should

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  5. Picasso " I am not becoming, I AM !"

    If you asked such a question to Picasso

    " whose paintings influenced you most ?

    He would reply,

    you mean how many people were unfortunate not to have been influenced by me?

    He would gesture all of them with a waving hand !