Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Anna Solomon's debut novel THE LITTLE BRIDE

My friend Anna Solomon's amazing debut novel THE LITTLE BRIDE comes out this week.

You can get all information about it at Check it out!


  1. Hi Anna, I hope I get this right .

    Talking about the great plains , my great grand father had to abruptly leave German and come to America. I'm not Jewish and when you really think about it , there is no such thing as pure genes.

    Anyways, here you have the Germans settling on the great plains.

    The feel of it resonates in my mind most... It must have felt like being on another planet. The vastness, so much so it is known that it was like sea. You can travel for day and everything seems the same. And then you had these giant herds of buffalo and Wild indjuns,

    The great unknown baby. Head west yall!

    Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history.”
    ― Plato